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Our mission is to serve as a transformative catalyst to diversify Superior’s economic base through business services and workforce training. A one-stop shop for resources, training and information. A hub of connectivity and learning, the Center represents the importance of enriching the community through engagement, education and opportunity.

The Center is a collaboration between Rebuild Superior Inc., the Town of Superior and Resolution Copper.

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Historic High School


The Center is housed in the Original Superior High School built in 1925. Developing a multigenerational center was a key strategic goal Superior’s council set in 2016 to ensure that the Town continues to invest in and expand Superior’s quality of life and amenities. The original plan called for constructing a new building, but as costs escalated, the Town pivoted to purchasing this local historic treasure. By providing a space for education, health, creativity and culture to flourish, Superior is strengthening a resilient and socially connected community.

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