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Bridging the Divide: Wecom Fiber's Transformative Impact on Superior, Arizona

For over six decades, Wecom Fiber has been a steadfast provider of telecommunications services in rural and tribal Arizona. Partnering with the Town of Superior and the Superior Enterprise Center, Wecom embarked on a monumental endeavor to introduce cutting-edge fiber broadband to vital sites across Superior. These pivotal locations, including the Superior Enterprise Center, the Chamber of Commerce, Police and Fire Departments, both old and new town halls, and the Superior Library, now stand poised to harness the potential of world-class connectivity.

Superior Mayor Mila Besich with Wecom CEO Paul Flemming and Arlynn Godinez of the Superior Enterprise Center

Despite decades of service, the absence of robust connectivity has hindered Superior's true growth potential. Pinal County Supervisor Jeff Serdy, representing Superior and the copper corridor, advocates passionately for equitable services, affirming that all residents deserve parity in amenities irrespective of their geographic location. Moreover, with a considerable portion of the population over 65 years old and limited access to healthcare facilities, reliable broadband assumes a critical role in enabling telehealth services, enhancing the quality of life for aging community members.

Pinal County Supervisor Jeff Serdy, Superior Mayor Mila Besich and Wecom CEO Paul Flemming cut a ribbon at a groundbreaking for a fiber optic pilot program in Superior, AZ on Dec. 1, 2023. Sasha Hupka/The Republic

Education and accessibility converge with the promise of high-speed internet. With a significant portion of residents lacking easy access to higher education institutions, the integration of broadband opens doors to online courses and learning opportunities. Moreover, by facilitating seamless connectivity, Superior emerges not only as a residential haven but also as an attractive destination for tourists seeking respite in its scenic environs, potentially boosting tourism and local economy.

"Every step along the way — from students, to business, to tourism, to public safety — it helps everything," Jeff Serdy said. "It can literally save lives."

Jeff Serdy underscores the far-reaching impacts of connectivity, emphasizing its influence on education, business, public safety, and beyond. The provision of high-speed internet isn't merely a convenience; it is a lifeline, with the potential to revolutionize lives and experiences in Superior, saving lives and fostering progress every step of the way.

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