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Superior builds a bridge to the future

The benefits of historic preservation are diverse and numerous. It serves to maintain and celebrate an appreciation of local history and heritage as well as architectural identity unique to the time period.

The importance of preservation efforts is multi-fold. It connects us to our collective past, while serving as a bridge to the future in the form of a physical time capsule. Preservation also provides the ability to revisit these once overlooked artifacts, giving us a strong sense of place and community with the constant reminder of those that came before us. All the while saving time and money by reutilizing resources that are readily available at our fingertips.

For Superior, this historic preservation journey has begun with the Town purchasing the original Superior High School. This iconic facility will become a multigenerational center featuring Town Hall operations, a library, workout facility, dance studio and senior center. The complex will also feature the Superior Enterprise Center, which will be the home to programming for job training and entrepreneurial development including a commercial kitchen to assist food entrepreneurs.

Developing a multigenerational center was a key strategic goal Superior’s council set in 2016 to ensure that the Town continues to invest in and expand Superior’s quality of life amenities. The original plan called for constructing a new building, but as costs escalated, the Town pivoted to purchasing this local historic treasure.

drone footage by Todd Pryor

“We are grateful that Mr. Elijah Cardon agreed to sell this important community building to the Town. As is our tradition, repurposing and modifying materials and places is how we honor and preserve our history, continue to tell our story and embrace the future.” ~ Mila Besich, Mayor for the Town of Superior.

“We also are grateful to Resolution Copper Mine for providing funding to establish a multi-gen center for our community, where residents, visitors and businesses alike can avail themselves of a broad range of resources for their recreational, educational and training aspirations”, she said.

photo by Cat Brown

Built in 1925, the historic High School will become a hub for all things Superior, and the historic and important building will once again be accessible to the public. The Town will be maintaining the structure of the building, only slightly modifying some aspects of the building to allow for accessibility and functionality. By providing a space for education, health, creativity and culture to flourish, Superior is strengthening a resilient and socially connected community.

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