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Unveiling Superior's Economic Renaissance

The Town of Superior and Resolution Copper have signed a groundbreaking Regional Economic Development (RED) agreement, cementing a collaborative effort to fortify Superior's economic landscape. This historic agreement marks a significant step toward ensuring a prosperous and resilient future for the community.

Mayor Mila Besich, Resolution Copper President and General Manager Vicky Peacey

photo courtesy of Resolution Copper

The three-year, multi-million dollar agreement signifies a resolute commitment to fostering economic growth and supporting vital community initiatives. With a focus on multifaceted development, this partnership will bolster essential projects and programs that directly benefit the residents of Superior.

"This agreement continues our ongoing alignment to achieve a diversified and sustainable economy for a resilient Superior community. The collaboration with Resolution Copper underscores our dedication to nurturing economic opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for our residents." ~ Town of Superior Mayor Mila Besich 

Bryan Seppala, Mayor Mila Besich, Vicky Peacey and Todd Pryor

photo courtesy of Resolution Copper

The agreement's focal points encompass a wide array of initiatives, including substantial support for the Superior Multi-Generational Center and the Superior Enterprise Center/Workforce Development Center. These funds will enable community service programming, capital improvements and robust workforce development programs.

developments and tours at the Superior Multi-Gen Center

 "We are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with the Town of Superior to drive economic development and community empowerment. This partnership reflects our shared vision for a thriving Superior, focusing on initiatives that support education, workforce development and the overall well-being of the community." Resolution Copper President and General Manager Vicky Peacey

Moreover, the agreement will propel Superior's annual Marketing and Tourism program, amplifying efforts to attract visitors and stimulate economic activity. The infusion of resources will also advance economic development capacity, maintain senior economic advisory services and fortify an economic development toolkit, further solidifying Superior's economic foundation.

The Town of Superior and Resolution Copper stand united in their commitment to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive community. This Regional Economic Development agreement is a testament to our shared dedication to fostering a thriving and sustainable future for Superior.

A link to the full article by Silver Belt can be found here

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