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What is SizeUp Arizona?

SizeUp Arizona provides small-to-medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs around the state with the market research and data analytics necessary to better understand competition and fine-tune their business model for success. The site provides the ability to research costs, revenue, customers, location, and marketing strategy scenarios comparative to similar businesses around Arizona and the U.S.

With time, money, and resources at a premium, APS is committed to helping your company move forward with the tools and information you need to work smarter and more efficiently. Get Started with SizeUp AZ.

Visit the SizeUp website to get started with comparing your business to your industry competitors.

Simply enter in your industry and location to get started.

Measure your business performance by comparing your business ranking to industry competitors.

Find customers, suppliers, and competitors and reveal new business opportunities and threats.

Optimize your marketing and advertising. Target your ideal customers.

These are free tools available to all Superior small businesses to use!

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